Evolution Hair Centers is frequently featured in the news because of the amazing success of Evolution Laser Hair Therapy. Below you are able to read or watch the news stories by simply clicking on the story.

Evolution Hair Loss Institute featured by NBC 12 Arizona

William Gaunitz discusses hair loss treatment results and hair transplants with Arizona News NBC 12 team member Christoper Hrapsky.

William Gaunitz, founder of Evolution Hair Centers, seen on Sonoran Living LIVE

The Boy and Girls Club receives Donation from Evolution Hair Centers

But this D-Back Sponsorship has come with an additional added benefit…Evolution Hair Centers provided a phenomenal donation of two Season Ticket Seats in the lower deck right behind third base for the entire 2010 season to The Boys and Girls Club of Arizona.
This Donation has allowed countless kids involved in the Boy s and Girls Club to enjoy the D-Back’s games from great seats during 2010.

NBC 12 NEWS: Arizona Midday

The Evolution Elite Regeneration Program uses a unique and revolutionary approach to reverse hair loss. The program gives you the complete set of tools to heal your scalp and grow your hair back.

New Treatment for Women’s Hair Loss

More women than ever are experiencing hair loss and the causes may be quite different than what causes balding in men. Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer's self image, but there's something you can do about it.

William Gaunitz is at the forefront of the laser hair regeneration market in the U.S. In 2002, he founded the Evolution Hair Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona after success in treating his own hair loss. Evolution HairGroth Centers was the first ...

2008 Top Doctors

Hair Loss & Re-growth. William Gaunitz listed in Phoenix Magaizine Top Docs issue.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

One of the most advanced ways to combat permanent baldness is through laser treatments. By stimulating the scalp with laser therapy, experts have determined that the hair loss stops and is often reversed.

Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow

Bill Gaunitz knows significantly more about lasers then eponyms. The self-dubbed Angry Hair Guy, while recently describing his revolutionary hair-growing technology, spoke with an effervescence and conviction usually reserved for televangelist....

Taking It Lightly

Taking It Lightly

New Technologies use LEDs and lasers to remove age spots and regrow hair. Bill Gaunitz Jr.'s product – A proprietary hair growth laser – does not produce heat, either, but it is helping some people sprout new hair the way the sun helps new grass grow ...

NBC 4 Los Angeles

Los Angeles NBC 4 – New Laser Treatment for reversing hair loss.

Female Hair Loss Treatment in Arizona

Sally Smale, Phoenix resident, tells her story about how she was able to grow her hair back using Gaunitz Laser Hair Therapy.

Fox 10 Phoenix: Evening News Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair loss uncovered and a new hair loss treatment that can help

BizAZ Health Report for Hair Regrowth

Well fast-forward to 2004 and there is a new kind of hair club in Arizona and once again, the guy in charge is also a customer. Bill Gaunitz, founder of Hair Growth Centers of Arizona, started loosing his hair at age 17 and tried everything, including ...

Ask the Expert by Lori K. Baker -FIT and WELL

Scratching your head wondering where it all went? A local expert discusses remedies for thinning hair. first, the good news: Some hair loss is normal. The scalp typically sheds about 100 hairs a day and sprouts 100 new ones. And ...

Erik Bongiorno grows his hair back with New Evolution Treatment.

Evolution Laser Hair Therapy proves incredibly successful on male patient with dramatic male pattern hair loss.

Hair growth company plans national franchise

Bill Gaunitz, president of Scottsdale based Natural Hair Growth Centers, lost his hair in his late teens...

Daily News-Sun Healthy Living story of Natural Hair Growth Centers

It sounds like something from another planet – lasers that regrow your hair. But the Natural Hair Growth Centers of Arizona...

Business section Cover Story on Bill Gaunitz and his Clinics

Bill Gaunitz has his way, growing your hair back will be as convenient as stopping by the corner sub shop for a 6-inc ham and turkey on wheat. ...

CBS 5 Phoenix Hair Loss Treatment for Women in Phoenix - New Story

New Treatment for Women’s Hair loss. Evolution client, Gail Lecher, tells her story

Good Evening Arizona Report on Gaunitz Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Light Therapy for Hair Growth. New treatment claims to guarantee hair regrowth

Good Day Arizona LIVE - Natural Hair Regrowth

John McCartney, client, and Bill Gaunitz discussing new treatment for hair growth.

Hair Today, Gone tomorrow

It's not to late for your follicles to flourish. Human beings are possessive of and obsessive about a great many things, perhaps not more so then the hair on our heads. Right or wrong, a healthy head of hair is associated with youth and vitality, and when it starts to go it can take essentials...

ABC 15 Sonoran Living LIVE Report on womens hair loss treatment

Bill Gaunitz with client /professional model Micheline Etkin, discussing the success of the new Evolution Treatment.