Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow

Bill Gaunitz knows significantly more about lasers then eponyms.

The self-dubbed Angry Hair Guy, while recently describing his revolutionary hair-growing technology, spoke with an effervescence and conviction usually reserved for televangelist.

But he also was relatively calm and exceedingly honestly. And cited facts.

Evolution Hair Centers, which has a large office in Scottsdale and is opening another soon near Arrowhead Mall in the Northwest Valley, offers a program that combines twice-weekly, low-level laster therapy with scalp massages and organic topical solutions. A six-month program starts at $4,000. The more popular and thorough nine-month program begins at $5,000 and is fully guaranteed. Patients begin with a dietary detox and are instructed to use only chemical-free hair products. (individuals with conditions such as male-pattern baldness must continue to use topical solutions, which costs between $15 and $30 monthly.)

we've had over 1,300-plus clients go through our clinic, and I've given money back 41 times,Gaunitz says. Everybody walks out of here happy.

Gaunitz quit a lucrative job at a local chemical company and opened his first office in November 2002 after compiling mountains of research, including discovering a laser being used in Australia that had yet to reach U.S. Soil.

it started out with a 500-square-foot facility where I was playing receptionist, consultant, and laser technician, and now we've got 3,600 square feet here on Scottsdale Road, says Gaunitz, whose on line bio says he first experienced hair loss in his late teens. I was devastated. At 22, facing being basically bald at 25 – and being single – it did not seem to fit my particular profile at the time.

Gaunitz projects that within three or four years he could have between 50 and 75 laser-therapy locations licensed and/or franchised nationally. He's also working with a single distributor in Europe.

The only potential danger of shooting one's head with a laser?
Don't look in to the light, Gaunitz says, It could cause retinal damage.