The Boy and Girls Club receives Donation from Evolution Hair Centers


If you have seen a Diamondbacks game in 2010, you have probably seen the bright blue Evolution Hair Centers sign behind home plate. Evolution Hair Centers’ trademark slogan “The Evolution of Hair Loss Treatment” has been etched into people minds who tune in to EPSN’s Sport Center during D-Backs highlight s and lowlights.

But this D-Back Sponsorship has come with an additional added benefit…Evolution Hair Centers provided a phenomenal donation of two Season Ticket Seats in the lower deck right behind third base for the entire 2010 season to The Boys and Girls Club of Arizona.

This Donation has allowed countless kids involved in the Boy s and Girls Club to enjoy the D-Back’s games from great seats during 2010.

The Boy and Girls Club of Phoenix contacted Robert Beale, COO of Evolution Hair Centers, to express their appreciation of the gift valued around $5000. He responded with “That is why we do this. We help people grow their hair back and we do what we can for the community. Evolution Hair Centers has always shared a Karmic perspective and will continue to donate in