Hair Today, Gone tomorrow

By Craig Wallace

It's not to late for your follicles to flourish

Human beings are possessive of and obsessive about a great many things, perhaps not more so then the hair on our heads. Right or wrong, a healthy head of hair is associated with youth and vitality, and when it starts to go it can take essentials as self-confidence and happiness straight down the shower drain with it.

Face with the curse of heredity and other factors, many men and women are left to deal with the fallout (both literally and figuratively) while pining in vain for the flowing locks of the past. Tho those huddled masses, valley resident Bill Gaunitz has some message: Fight Back.

One a man affected by hair loss, bill not only took advantage of what he believes to be a cure for baldness, but also decided to become part of the cure himself. As president of Natural Hair Growth Centers in Phoenix, Bill has become the sole U.S. Proprietor of a laser hair regrowth treatment patented in Australia; one he believes will be come the primary solution in America within the next five years.

Basically, I had lost a good part of my hair and wasn't going to accept it, Bill says I tried the Propecia's and Rogaine's of the wall, but they didn't work for me. I scoured he Internet for cure after cure, but none of them worked, and some of them even had adverse effects.

After discovering a local laser treatment that yielded some minor results, he research other laser techniques and came across the work of an Australian company called Innovative Hair Loss Solutions. Bill decided to try their product, and was amazed at the results.

What caught my eye was that they were offering a 200 percent money-back guarantee on the product. I became a client and, in less then six months, what was once an overall thinning on my head had been restored to thick, healthy hair. People who knew me before can attest to how dramatic my improvement has been. I decided I believed in this product and wanted to bring it to America.

Near the end of 2002, Bill became Innovative Hair Loss Solutions sol distributor in the United States when he opened Natural Hair Growth Centers in Phoenix. In a very short period of time, he says he has seen the difference Natural Hair's unique laser treatment procedure can make in the lives of those affected by hair loss.

The process itself is very individualized treatment, he says. We start with a questionnaire to acquire details about a client's genetics hormonal issues and treatment goals. Then we do a complete scalp analysis, through which we can literally determine where the clients can expect hair to return by examining the shape of the hair follicle. That way we can give them a level of expectation.

Those who choose to process with the treatment enter into an FDA-approved program that includes 34 laster treatments that stimulate regeneration in the follicles by elevating blood flow and nutritional supply. Treatments also include a scalp stimulation routine that can be practiced at home or as a part of the in-office treatment, as well as shampoo, scalp cleaner, and conditioning supplements that are recommended on an ongoing basis. According to Bill, one of the keys to success is acting fast.

The important thing for people to remember is that, the earlier the hair loss, the harder it is to restore., he says if someone lost their hair 20 years ago, chances are they'll have a harder time then someone who lost it more recently. Generally, we say we can go back 10 years. We tell people to take out a picture of themselves 10 years ago. The hair they see in that picture is what they can expect to look like after out treatment. Most importantly, once treatment stops, they can expect the hair they've grown back to stay permanently. They'll never need another laser treatment again.

Those who have searched n vain for a reputable hair loss solution only to be burned by countless ineffective products may be justifiably gun shy about plunking down their hard-earned money for yet another product that promises them the world. Bill says he has been there, a fact that makes him all the more sensitive to his clientèle's needs.

We always tell people that ours is the solution you've been waiting for, he says every client we've helped thus far has seen results within three months of beginning treatment. Those numbers speak for themselves. We know people are cautious when parting with their money; so to ease their minds and demonstrate believe in our product we're offering a money-back guarantee that exceeds 100 percent to those not satisfied with the results. That means that, worst-case scenario, this is just a small short-term investment.

As for his own investment, it's one Bill sees growing exponentially in the very near future. His contract with Innovative Hair Lost Solutions calls for Natural Hair Growth Centers to franchise 165 locations in the next five years, a dramatic growth plan that presents him with a unique opportunity to put a product in which he believes on the national stage.

Within five years we'll be national and, by that time, I believe this will be the premier hair loss solution in the United States, Bill states confidently, Hair loss may not seem like a big deal if it's not happening to you, but those who are affected by it know the toll it can take. This is a produce I'm involved in because I know it works. It worked on me and gave me back a thicker head of hair. I'm excited to share it with others because it's the answer they've been waiting for.