Taking It Lightly

New Technologies use LEDs and lasers to remove age spots and regrow hair.

Bill Gaunitz Jr.'s product – A proprietary hair growth laser – does not produce heat, either, but it is helping some people sprout new hair the way the sun helps new grass grow.

Taking it Lightly

Gaunitz, who is president of Evolution Hair Centers bases in Scottsdale, has first hand knowledge of the way his system works since he uses it himself. We've tested to see how much hair grows with the therapy. While it is really hard to quantify because everyone is different,. We do know that if you've lost your hair in the last seven to 10 years, you're probably a great candidate, he explains. we can usually grow all your hair back and not just at the microscopic level. Hair gets thick and dense.

The handheld laser, which looks like a large remote control, came about because so many of the people who came to the Scottsdale clicnic could not stay for more then two weeks to complete the treatment, which usually takes several months. Today, anyone can buy the laser ($1,995), which is offered with neutraceuticals, chemical-free hair products and custom compound pharmaceuticals ($3,000). The neutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals are designed to help detox the body, he says. The laser, which is used for four minutes each day, helps stimulate the dormant hair follicles.

In addition to the laser, we offer six months' worth of the products, add Gaunitz. and it comes with a money-back guarantee. However, the company has few takers on its return policy. To date, only five percent of the customers have called for a refund. We're seeing more hair after only six weeks, Says Gaunitz. Everyone seems to respond to the treatment.

By: Karen J. Bannan