Phoenix Hair Restoration – things you should know.

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Surgical Hair Restoration or hair transplantation is an irreversible surgical procedure. In Phoenix Arizona there are many physicians to choose from. Hair restoration surgery has risks and rewards that you should be aware of before you spend thousands of dollars and may not happy with the appearance post treatment. You must choose your physician or treatment wisely and do your research. Learn about Hair Restoration Surgery Alternatives.

Who should NOT get Surgical Hair Restoration?

Women are usually not good candidates for surgical hair transplantation due to how women lose hair. Women lose hair in a diffuse pattern which makes the transplanted hair susceptible to loss after transplantation. Only women over the age of 45 years of age and with isolated small areas of baldness should get a hair transplant. Female Hair Loss Treatment

Young men under the age of 25
Men under the age 25 are also usually not a good candidates for hair transplantation because it’s unclear how bald he may become later in life. The younger a man is when he begins to lose hair, usually the greater the area of loss down the road. This could be problematic when a young man gets a hair transplant because the area that is covered by a transplant or multiple hair restoration surgeries will most likely continue to bald. If this happens, it will result in an unnatural appearance that looks “puggy” or future additional balding areas will not be able to covered by additional hair transplants because the donor area has already been used up.

Who should get Hair Transplantation?

Men over the age of 30 that have no possibility of hair regrowth in a given area of the scalp are good candidates for hair restoration. Additionally the best candidates are:

  • Men who have a receding hair line
  • Men who are unwilling to use products daily to maintain their hair
  • Men who lost hair over a long period of time
  • Men who have lighter hair

Men over the age of 30 who meet the above criteria could be a good candidate for hair restoration. It is wise to research your alternatives. Now with new hair loss treatments, you can actually regrow hair using a multi therapy hair loss treatment program. Do your research before making any surgical decision that is irreversible.

Phoenix Hair Restoration Alternatives 

For those people who do not want surgery or who are not a candidate for hair restoration surgery in Phoenix AZ have a powerful treatment option that could stop your hair loss and reverse thinning hair. This is ideal for the people listed above that do have hair transplant surgery as an option.

Hair Loss Treatment Clinics offering full multi-therapy hair loss treatment in Phoenix, Arizona.

Evolution Hair Loss Institute in Tempe Arizona offers a full multi-therapy treatment that can stop hair loss and regrow hair in areas of general thinning.

This system uses all non-surgical methods of natural hair loss treatment including cold laser, topical pharmaceuticals, hormone therapy balancing cream for women, nutritional supplementation, holistic hair care products, and topical scalp serums. The results will vary and not everyone is a candidate for this hair regrowth treatment. You first have a consultation to determine if you have enough viable living hair follicles to be rejuvenated.  

This should be your first option in major decision to get your hair back. With this method, the worst case scenario is that nothing happens. Best case, it regrows a substantial amount of hair. Also this method can be used in conjunction with hair restoration surgery in areas that are not able to regrow naturally.

You can set up a free consultation to determine if you candidate for multi-therapy hair loss treatment by calling 480-222-4247.

Evolution Hair Loss Institute
Phone: 480-222-HAIR(4247)
4450 South Rural Rd
Building C Ste 222
Tempe, AZ 85282

See female treatment results from Evolution Hair Loss Institute below.

Phoenix Hair Restoration alternatives

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