Evolution Hair Centers Announces New Online Store

Posted by Robert Beale on Wed, Sep 08, 2010 @ 02:49 PM

Evolution Hair Centers are pleased to announce the official opening to the new Online Store! 

You can find it here at  Evolution Online Store

The new store features the most advanced products to date from the Evolution line including the HairStem System and DHT Probiotic Supplement

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Ovation Hair Alternative Review Study

Posted by William Gaunitz on Tue, Sep 01, 2009 @ 05:30 PM

HairStem 360 Product System


In march of 2009, I reviewed the Ovation Hair Product Line and posted the my findings on this blog. Since then, many of you have commented on your disappointment in regard to the lack of results with the Ovation Products.

In April of this year, I set out to find a product line that could deliver consistant results for the at-home user. My tests did include DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo as well their Spectral DNC topical. Although their products did show positive results, I did however witness many scalp reactions for those people with sensitive scalps.

In response to the lack of products that could help with the wide range of at home needs and scalp conditions, I have created a new product system that was formerly by prescription only.

The new HairStem 360 Product System for Thinning Hair proves to effectively address all primary reasons for hair loss; enhancing hair quality, scalp health, width and diameter of the hair shaft, and most importantly can truly reverse hair loss.

The HairStem360 Product System for Thinning Hair is unique in many ways. For more information, go to HairStem 360 Product System page.

I would like to hear your feedback when you become a new user. I am offering this product at 15% off for those people who are want to use and review this product on our blog. We want to know how this product kit influences your hair growth.

I will be posting our initial microscopic scalp analysis photographs in an upcoming blog article for in-clinic participants of this review study. If you are interested in participating in this Review Study, simply use the promo code TRUEGROWTH when purchasing this set at our store using this link HairStem Hair Loss Product System. I thank you in advance for your participation and feedback.



Do you have questions? Please email us: staff@hairgrowthcenters.com

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Ovation Hair Cell Therapy Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Wed, Feb 04, 2009 @ 04:20 PM

I am asked to review new products occasionally by clients. This is my latest review posted below. This is my email response verbatim: 

 Ovation Hair Therapy

Dear _____,

I just reviewed the ovationhair.com website and called their main number. I spoke with a woman named Carlee (Vice President of Sales) who gave me some additional info. She said that she was going to email me the ingredients for their Cell Therapy Cream, but I have still yet to receive it.


Here is the deal. There is only one product that they claim that has an impact on the hair cycle. That is the Cell Therapy Cream. They say that the amino acids in the cream help naturally extend the life of the growth phase. There is absolutely no mention on their website of how this happens and there is only one before and after picture of the President of the company. The woman that I spoke with says that they do not claim to treat pattern hair loss. It simply gives the appearance of thick fuller hair. I think that they are marketing more towards improving the quality of the existing hair and providing healthier environment for future growth.


To be honest, I am not impressed. The only bit of research I found was in regard to Panthenol (vitamin b5) and how it will extend to life of the anagen phase of the hair. This is true. That is why there is high levels of b5 in the both the PM and PMb topicals that both you and _____are using.


I will review the ingredients of Cell Therapy Cream when it arrives. I think that this product is designed for people who have damaged hair or have thinning due to nutritional inadequacies. In my opinion, this is not going to be an improvement to either of your treatment programs.



William Gaunitz

Founder/Chairman, Evolution Hair Loss Institute

UPDATE July 14th, 2009

This is an copy of an email sent to me through www.hairgrowthcenters.com from an Ovation Hair Product user sent July 13th, 2009.

User from: Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Subject: Ovation Hair therapy Products
I tried this product for 3 months with no results, when I called to get my money back guarantee, they stated I needed to return the bottles back to them and that I would only received money back for the last order I placed and not all the money. I happened to have the last 2 items I order which was the Hair therapy treatment and the rinse.
I received a refund for only the last 2 products. The add does not state you should keep your bottles and return them if not satisfied. And they do not state that you will only received a refund for the last order and not all if you continue to use the product as they state for results, 3 months.
this company does not meet their advertised promises.


UPDATE January 29, 2014: Free Phone Consultation Provided

William Gaunitz trichologisto head shot  Due to the overwhelming response to this blog post, I am making this    update. Many women who have tried Ovation for Hair Loss have been left unsatisfied and in some cases the product has made them worse due to the high level of chemicals in their product.

Women's hair loss is relatively simple and be corrected with making minor adjustments to hormones naturally that will combate the hereditary influence of female pattern hair loss. I am now taking personal phone consultations at no cost to help the women who have not had success with Ovation or other products.

Simply email me at staff@hairgrowthcenters.com with the subject line Personal Consultation. My Hair Loss Clinics have been helping women since 2002. I am more than happy to help.

Trichologist William Gaunitz, Hair Loss Expert


Recommended Treatment products to replace Ovation Cell Therapy:

Female Hair Loss Treatment Product most Effective


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