Does the iGrow Laser Work? Explained by Trichologist William Gaunitz

Posted by William Gaunitz on Mon, May 16, 2016 @ 01:00 PM


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Hi. My name is William Gaunitz, founder of Evolution Hair Loss Institute and Advanced Trichology. Today I really want to talk to you about the iGrow laser.

We have been using the iGrow laser now since 2011 for many of our at-home programs. Quite frankly, I think the iGrow laser doesn't get as much credit as it deserves because it has a limited number of diodes and LEDs. There are other devices out there boasting 272 diodes or 224 diodes. More diodes certainly is not the be-all and end-all.

Today the iGrow is probably the most well recognized device in the industry. It is obviously a helmet device for hair regrowth. It operates with exactly 21 diodes and 30 LEDs. The 21 diodes is actually a good number for people who are just beginning to lose hair or individuals with dark coarse hair and those individuals who have not been losing hair for a long period of time basically. If you're losing hair for less than 5 years, you have dark coarse hair, or even a lot of sort of brown or medium brown hair, and again just beginning to lose it, this is a great device because you don't need a tremendous amount of stimulation to get hairs growing. You need the right amount of stimulation. I compare many cases to getting the right amount of energy to like hitting a baseball or hitting a golf ball. It's not more power. It's basically hitting the sweet spot and getting the optimal amount of energy to produce the result, and the iGrow is great for producing that I'd say probably about 70% of the time.

This device basically has a support system of small suction cups up top, 4 of those which actually just basically keep it suspended off of the scalp. There are also these little ear muffs which really are for stability more than anything else. You can't actually listen to music through them, but most of the time people are using them for stability. There are 5 settings on here, 3 men's settings and 2 women's settings. I usually only recommend the maximum settings, and then allow people to dial back the time as usual. The average person I recommend to use 20 minutes twice weekly to start, then normally after 90 days, you can increase it to 25 minutes twice weekly. Then if after a year or so you have used it and really haven't had optimal results, or have had optimal results and you need to take it up a notch, then you take it up to 3 times weekly.

I've used this protocol in conjunction with all of our products very, very successfully, and it is the most FDA-approved laser, meaning iGrow has 2 FDA clearances, one for men and one for women, based upon their own research. This is totally unique to every other at-home device that is a helmet. This is based upon their own clinical research, their own evidence that it works, and quite frankly after using it in practice for nearly 5 years now, I know it works. It's what I recommend continuously.

When you're using this, it's very, very simple. You simply power this on, simply hit this little power button, and then you will touch one of the heads, either male or female. I'm going to go ahead and hit the male, which is going to turn this on for 25 minutes. The lights are illuminated. There is a static beam and there is a pulsing beam going on in this. These are going to provide different levels of stimulation. Additionally, when you're done, it simply turns off, which is a very nice feature of this. It is wired, so obviously you need to be near a power outlet.

Again, this device in my opinion for about 70% of the people who use it, especially those with dark hair and dark skin, but also those who have not been losing hair for a long period of time, definitely less than 5 years, they will do very, very well with this device. I always stress it to be used in conjunction with all the right products, such as our products. Particularly, we have many kits that have the iGrow laser in it, so that all of that can be used successfully.

Please when you're choosing your laser device, know that more is not better. You need the optimal amount of energy to get the best result possible. By doing too much, you will actually either cause shedding or you will diminish results completely. Now also too little is not good, but you need just the right amount. Quite frankly, for 70% of the population, the iGrow is providing just the right amount.

I hope this is informative about this. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our clinic.

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iGrow Laser Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Fri, Oct 04, 2013 @ 06:58 PM

In my opinion, the IGrow Laser is one of the best all around at-home laser devices for hair igrow laser with productregrowth. Apira Science, LLC has done a very good job at marketing the device with the real potential of the device and the correct way to use it.

For the money, the iGrow Laser is best laser you can purchase unless you have very fine blond hair. The iGrow Hair Laser is cost effective and is well made. Their customer support is also fantastic.

The Igrow laser has received their 510K FDA Market Clearance recently which makes them a better purchase against the Hairmax Lasercomb devices.

If you have blond hair though, it will not be strong enough. You will need to purchase the LaserCap that is about 10 times as powerful. People with very light hair need more laser energy to get a result. This is due to blond hair reflecting light versus black hair that will attract light. If you have black to light brown hair, the iGrow Low Level Laser device will work well.

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I do however recommend that every laser unit be used with the right product to get the best result for your individual situation. At Evolution Hair Loss Institute I have put together multiple Igrow packages for different situations.


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IGrow Laser for Women?

Posted by William Gaunitz on Mon, Sep 24, 2012 @ 10:51 AM

Evolution Hair Loss Institute has been using the iGrow Laser in our clinics now for Outpatient use and for those who are post-treatment since March of 2011.

Hair Loss In Women 1In last year, I have seen the device work very well for those people who have used it. The device holds up under normal wear-and-tear and does not have the electrical problems that I have seen with similar devices.

Because the iGrow Laser has 27 laser diodes and 30 LEDs, the device gives good hands free coverage of the the top of the scalp that can be used consistently from home twice weekly for 20 minutes.

I have seen it work especially well for females in the the early stages of the thinning. Females seems to do better with the iGrow Laser because they are not experiencing extreme DHT suppression of the hair follicles as men do. Women can use the iGrow Laser with a herbal hormone balancing cream to create an excellent result because they are counter acting testosterone and stimulation the hair follicles with Laser Light simultaneously.

It has even better results when used with a full program that includes topical Minoxidil, vitamins, and herbal progesterone cream as with our Women's Extreme Hair Loss Treatment Kit.

For a personalized consultation on this matter call 480-222-4247 to find out if this is right for you. Otherwise, you can see our iGrow Packages at our online store.


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Laser Hair Growth Helmet Best

Posted by William Gaunitz on Thu, May 05, 2011 @ 01:38 PM

The iGrow Laser is the latest in home care laser technology for hair loss. This unit has truly evolved the laser hair regeneration home treatment program.igrow laser regrow hair device igrow

The iGrow Laser is manufactured by the same company the produces the Revage 670 Clinical Laser therapy device. The Revage 670 has earned a place in the clinical world of the laser hair therapy and now the iGrow Laser assists the consuigrow at home laser treatmentmer by providing an at-home alternative to the clinical treatment.

Evolution Hair Centers recommends the iGrow Laser for those people who cannot attend clinical laser sessions and for post treatment maintenance. This unit is affordable and endorsed by William Gaunitz, the creator of the Evolution System.

BUY NOW and SAVE $50 on Evolution products with Purchase of the iGrow Laser using Coupon Code: IGROWLASER2013 or call 480-222-4247 to find out if the iGrow is right for you.

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