Capillus 272 Laser Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 10:09 AM

I first heard of the Capillus 272 Laser Cap about three years ago. This device was the new competitive device that was directly competing against the LCPRO LaserCap by Transdermal Cap.

The Capillus 272 had only one clear design difference and one clear guarantee difference. Design: it had 48 more pulsed laser diodes (272 diodes) than the LaserCap (224 diodes) and was supposedly more effective because of the extra diodes.

In my experience, this is simply untrue. As you will see below-- and as many people have discovered first hand-- 
more lasers are 

Capillus 272 Hair LaserNOT necessarily better when trying to regrow hair

Guarantee: the Capillus 272 has NO moneyback guarantee. All sales are final. Compare that against the LC Pro LaserCap that has a one year moneyback guarantee.

Having been present in the LLLT industry since its foundation in the U.S. I have seen thousands of people grow hair with a wide range of laser devices of varying strengths including the LaserCap, iGrow Laser, and our Clinical ER610 Laser. Clinically, some of the most amazing results I have witnessed have been accomplished using a clinical device with only 30-60 static (non-pulsed) diodes. The key to getting great results for the average person with LLLT is not using more diodes, it is using the right laser, for the right situation, with the right treatment protocol.

Conversely, I have also seen many people lose hair as a direct result of using a low-level laser device (like the Capillus272) with too much energy. The excessive energy delivered to the scalp can lead to overstimulation that can result in rapid shedding, scalp tenderness, and trauma to the scalp. It can take 6-12 weeks in some cases to stabilize the scalp condition and stop shedding caused by overstimulation. This phenomenon seems to be a stress response called Anagen Effluvium caused by excessive energy stimulation to the scalp.   Capillis-82-CTA.png

In my experience, the Capillus 272 Laser Device has too many diodes to be effective for normal hair loss. In addition, it can result in dramatic and unnecessary shedding when used as described by the manufacturer (30 minutes every other day). There is no documented clinical evidence that the extra 48 lasers provide a superior result. It is my belief that this is simply a marketing tactic to mislead uneducated consumers into thinking the Capillus272 device has a greater value than other devices with the same price point.

For those who are interested in a high-diode device, my only recommendation is the LC PRO LaserCap. This device contains only 224 pulsed diodes and should reduce the risk of overstimulation and improve the end result (when used with proper protocol). My recommended usage instructions for the LCPRO LaserCap

begin with using the device for only 5 minutes twice weekly to start, and increasing one minute per application per month for six months. See my LaserCap Review for full details)

People who CAN be a candidate for high powered devices like the LC PRO LaserCap or Capillus272 are:
•    Men and women suffering from long term hair loss in excess of 10-15 years
•    Men and women who have always had very fine hair
•    Men and women with lightly-colored hair, such as natural blond hair and light brown hair.

People who should NEVER use high-powered devices:
•    Men and women with dark pigmentation in their skin such as African Americans or people of Hispanic descent.  There is only one device recommended for these skin types, and that is the Capillus82 which is 3.25x less powerful than the Capillus272.
•    Men and women with only short term hair loss that have thick, dark, coarse hair.  

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More about the Capillus Company:

The Capillus device was created by Carlos Pina, former head of marketing for the LaserCap company during its formation. Pina then severed ties and started his own company, Capillus, in 2011.
Pina's marketing skill is apparent; the Capillus now has a huge industry presence and is carried by many physicians. He was also able to get FDA clearance before other competitive devices by completing clinical studies and other regulatory steps in the primary phase

The Capillus272 At-Home Low Level Laser Therapy Device specs are:

  • Manufactured in Miami, Florida.
  • Contains 272 Laser Diodes
  • 5mw per diode
  • 650 nanometer wavelength
  • Battery-Operated with Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • FDA 510K Market Clearance for Androgenetic Alopecia in Women and Skin Phototypes I to IV (this does NOT include African Americans or ethnicities with brown skin)

Bottom Line

Although I have respect for their CEO, the Capillus272 Laser Device is simply too powerful to benefit most people in the long term. If you are looking for a laser device to treat hair loss, you can follow this general rule:

  • For light hair and light skin, use the LCPRO LaserCap starting at 5 minutes per use, twice weekly.
  • For darker or course or brown skin tones, use the Capillus82 for 15-20 minutes, twice weekly

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