William Gaunitz, founder of Evolution Hair Centers, seen on Sonoran Living LIVE

Posted by William Gaunitz on Sat, Sep 18, 2010 @ 04:35 PM

William Gaunitz, founder of Evolution Hair Centers, seen on Sonoran Living LIVE

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Women's hair is a representation of their underlying general heath. The condition of women's hair can give the signs of underlying nutritional and hormonal conditions.

In many cases inherited Female Pattern Hair Loss is the primary cause of a woman's hair loss condition, but not the reason the rate of loss is so fast. for women to treat their hair loss successfully, a woman must first establish why her hair is in a serious loss pattern.

Modern Allopathic medicine has no concrete solutions for women's hair loss. The reason for this, is that every woman is different. There is no magic pill that will fix the female condition. For women, their hair is their crowning glory.

It is not socially acceptable for a woman to lose her hair like it is for a man. Women's hair loss can cause serious physiological trauma, and depression.

At Evolution Hair Centers, we are so successful at treating women's hair loss because we look at the entire condition of our female clients. Many underlying conditions can exacerbate or even be the cause of her hair loss.

Certain prescription drugs have been seen to seriously increase the rate of female hair loss by creating imbalance in the delicate internal microflora of a female's gastrointestinal systems. Drugs such as the following can trigger hair loss with seemingly no explanation:

Birth control pills
Hormone replacement (with testosterone)
Hormone replacement (without testosterone)

Women's conditions such as:
· Candida
· Hyper-thyroidism (too much hormone)
· Hypo-thyroidism (too little hormone)
· Stress
· Physical Trauma
· Child Birth
· Menopause

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