Super Grow Laser Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Tue, Jul 20, 2010 @ 07:24 PM

Super Grow Laser Reviewed

After many inquiries from clients, I have decided to publically review the Super Grow Hair Laser and provide a true review of the device.Super Grow Laser Reviewed

I have been hearing about the Super Grow Hair Laser for about a year now. It is sometimes difficult to be completely objective when I see these new “homemade” devices emerge onto the market.

I understand fully that there is a high demand for a low cost, multi-diode device. People suffering from hair loss have seen the success of Clinical programs and automatically assume that all devices are created equal. The laymen hair loss suffer then turns into an easy target, lured into spending $700 or $1000 for a device that seems to have a much greater perceived “value”. Unfortunately, the true value of laser therapy comes from the success of effective combination treatments using medical grade lasers that range in price from $20k - $50K… not cheap imitations.

In regard to the Super Grow Lasers, I have a couple key points that should accurately create a sense of true value. So let’s get started.

1.    First and foremost, the Super Grow Laser device uses cheap 650nm diodes.

Why is this bad?  First, most clinically proven devices are using 670nm or 635nm medical grade diodes. Secondly, when you are using “cheap” diodes, you simply have no way of knowing what type of energy is being delivered to your scalp. You wouldn’t just stick your figure in a light socket and think your hair will grow back. You need a very specific type of energy to produce hair growth results. There are substantial differences in Diodes and Diode Modules, yet to the general consumer they look relatively the same.  For example, I just Googled “laser pointers.” That search found that all Laser Pointers are pretty much Class 3A devices using  5 milliwatts, 650 nm diodes, retailing for about $6.88 per unit. The diodes themselves can be purchased for about $.50 apiece.

diode laserThese are the same diodes as – or at least quite similar to – the ones used in the Super Grow Laser. So if the Super Grow Laser is using 50 of these diodes, you are actually over paying by about $210 based about their $550 price point. You would think that you could probably get a volume discount.
Using this rationale, the Super Grow Laser can simply be considered an overpriced Laser Pointer.

Now that may sound a bit harsh, but you must consider the difference in Laser Diodes and Laser Diodes Modules. All laser diodes require a microchip on the back of them that control the amount of energy the passes through the diode. If you do not know what you are getting, you can get too much or too little energy that can result in more hair loss and shedding or no result at all.
If you understand what I just wrote, a poor laser device or the misapplication of a laser can actually cause more hair loss. I have a client who has personally experienced this by using the Super Grow Laser for maintenance after our program.

2.    Secondly, what are you paying for when you purchase a device like this?... Most people are typically paying for a perceived result or benefit. So I ask in regard to Super Grow Laser, where are the results? I have reviewed their website and they have posted 3 sets of before and after pictures. These posted results are very limited. If they have all of this clinical data on why their laser works so well, why don’t they have more results?  Oh and btw, they use our old Gaunitz Hair Growth Centers You tube video to point to the success of Laser Hair Therapy Yet, their device is completely different than ours. Super Grow Laser Reviewed Evolution Video

The answer is that they are simply using the success of clinical laser programs to misrepresent, market, and sell their lasers. More importantly, they are pointing to the experience of others that get success using different lasers and combination therapy. This leads me to my final point.

3.    The Super Grow Laser’s lack of Experience with Laser Technology. If the Super Grow Laser was produced by one of the experienced laser manufacturers, I may feel differently. But the Super Grow Laser, in my opinion, is just a laser put together by people who are making a “look-a-like device”.  One of the other reasons I feel this way, is that some of my clients have tried that device and it has led to dramatic shedding. This validates the understanding that not all laser radiation is good. If you want to use laser, you should use a laser produced by a manufacturer that specializes in hair regrowth and has a proven track record for results.

So after all of this, what is my advice for someone who is thinking about buying one? Be sure to consider the risks before purchasing. If you have the money to spend on a handheld laser, buy the Erchonia THL-1 Device. I have personally witnessed tremendous results with that device. The Erchonia THL-1 Laser has been the same since 2005 and endorsed by people like Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical and myself…. because it works. It is also manufactured by Erchonia, the top Low Level Laser Therapy company in the USA. With more FDA approvals than anyone else, they are clearly one of the top manufactures in the industry.

If you do not have the money to spend, hold off on buying a laser and get to the bottom of the cause of your hair loss. There are so many reasons for hair loss, you should figure out why you are losing yours before trying to treat it. Seek out a qualified Hair Regrowth Specialist who can clinically monitor your progress and ensure results. This is something that myself and my staff can help you with, if you are interested.

Lastly… be easy on yourself. If you have been duped by hair loss products and services before, don’t give up. You can regrow your hair. You simply need to find the right product for you, and perhaps make some lifestyle changes.  When you are ready, Evolution Hair Centers, is here to help.

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