Spencer Forrest X5 Laser Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Fri, Mar 06, 2009 @ 07:44 PM

March 2011 UPDATE:

Effective March 2011, Evolution Hair Centers will no longer carry the Spencer Forrest X5 Laser.

   1. Due to the failure of the Spencer Forrest company to gain a the FDA 510K market clearance after clinical trials,
   2. lack of customer service and support,
   3. and new and more effective laser to hit the USA market, I have dropped Spencer Forrest from our company.

 As of 2011, the iGrow Laser is my affordable homecare laser choice. The THL-1 in my opinion is still superior. But if you cannot spend $2000 on a THL-1 Laser, I would highly recommend the iGrow Laser Device.

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