Over the past few years I have noticed an increasing amount of hair loss and overall thinning. I finally decided to investigate options. I was very skeptical of many claims of “instant hair growth” from companies promising pills, lotions, & potions. On the other hand, I was adamant that the prescription formulas were not for me unless as a last resort.

I discovered an Internet article on faster use for hair growth & became interested. I also knew of laser use for skin conditions & healing properties so I decided this was a viable option to try.

I met with Bill & was provided an overview of the program with some photos of clients’ successes. Within the first few months I noticed a significant reduction in hair loss and then hair growth all over my head. The growth has continued throughout the entire length of the program & I know have a full, thick healthier head of hair. I am 100% pleased with my results, this programs has changed the way I feel about my appearance.
Louise Goldfarb
Scottsdale, AZ

*All of the Client Testimonials are from actual Evolution Clients. Please keep in mind, results do vary from individual to individual.