I had a lot of reservations about the Gaunitz program and all the “re-growth” programs in general.  I have had scalp problems for as long as I can remember and I tried a lot of things on my own.  Everything that I tried never came close to the impact that this program had.  Like anything in life, you get out what you put in and it was my goal when I started to be as compliant to the program guidelines as possible.  The first couple of months are a little bit frustrating because the results are limited, although my dry flaky scalp disappeared. Within 2 weeks.  The constant support of the staff was always  there, specifically Natalie and Kim.  With a program like this, I think it's the people you see on a weekly basis that make all the difference.  I never felt embarrassed or looked down upon.  As my hair started to come in the momentum of the program really kicked in.  The last couple of months have been fun!  I grew my hair out, I styled it different, I have started to feel like my old self again.  I feel younger and have more confidence then ever. I would recommend this program to anyone who came to me or who I thought would be open to the suggestion.  In fact I bought it for my brother.  I look forward to maintaining my look and I look forward to seeing the staff that makes Gaunitz special.  The three girls that made the biggest difference in my experience were Kim, Natalie, & Lisa.  These girls represent the personality and professionalism of this company and always make the drive and my time spent here enjoyable... Thank You!! Jason Duffy
Anthem, AZ

*All of the Client Testimonials are from actual Evolution Clients. Please keep in mind, results do vary from individual to individual.