I approached the program with being a bit skeptical. The cost and my feeling that this was a bit vain made me unsure of what I was doing; however, I was really growing tired of wearing hats all the time. Not to mention my scalp didn't feel healthy. I must say that now having gone through the program at Gaunitz has changed me. I grew hair and with that a new found confidence. It has been a lifestyle change and I truly miss my two days a week seeing the friendly staff. The girls made my experience fun and they were so kind and dedicated. Even after the program ended, the Gaunitz staff remains dedicated and eager to help and to ensure my happiness. This goes beyond my very high expectations, and certainly is not something you would experience with any other re-growth program. In addition to having more hair, I became a healthier person. IT is important to me that all the products used are natural and because of this my approach to foods and general health has changed. Call it an education! Ben Roberson
Mesa, AZ

*All of the Client Testimonials are from actual Evolution Clients. Please keep in mind, results do vary from individual to individual.