I'm thrilled with the results. I was just looking at my before photos and I can't believe that was me less than a year ago. I feel like a different person. I had hoped to get the results that Gaunitz promised, but I'm not really sure I believed I would be one of the success stories. But within 3 months of starting the program, the results were dramatic. My hair stylists obviously noticed. I didn't tell my friends or relatives by received many comments about how good I looked. Asked if I changed my hair cut, Asked if I lost weight. All good stuff.
There's so much I experienced over the last year I could write about, but I'd run out of room on this page. To sum it p: The Gaunitz staff is the best. You under promised and over delivered . A special thank you to Natalie who made sure every question and concern I address and went out of he way to do more then what was expected to make sure I got the very best results possible. 

Thank you for everything. 
Warm Regard, Glenn
Glenn Rosen 
Chandler, AZ

*All of the Client Testimonials are from actual Evolution Clients. Please keep in mind, results do vary from individual to individual.