Hair growth company plans national 

February 13, 2004

Bill Gaunitz, president of Scottsdale based Natural Hair Growth Centers, lost his hair in his late teens.

Today, he is the sole distributor in the United States of Australian-based Innovative Hair Loss Solutions Crown Lasers.

He's a Walking example that the treatment works.

five years, we believe this will be the premier hair-loss solution in the United States, Gaunitz said, our Plans include reaching 70 markets in five years with the placement of at least three lasers in each market. The quest is to find people who we trust to do business with. Franchisees will have exclusivity for metropolitan areas or they can purchase a whole state. We want to be the Subway of hair growth.

The therapy uses a noninvasive laster light procedure. With a series of weekly appointments, the client may feel a warm tingling sensation as the laser directs biostimulative light energy into the body's cells, he said. The cells then convert into chemical energy to promote healthy rejuvenation of hair.

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Written by: Angela Gonzales