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If Bill Gaunitz has his way, growing your hair back will be as convenient as stopping by the corner sub shop for a 6-inch ham and turkey on wheat.

Gaunitz is president of Natural Hair Growth Centers, which has two valley locations. He has visions of expanding in to 70 markets within five years.

We want to be the Subway of hair growth, he said. Anybody would want to be like Subway if they have a good product because they're everywhere.

Gaunitz knows something about hair loss. His locks started swirling down the shower drain when he was only 17.

He also knows something about hair growth, having undergone a variety of treatments before running across a laser system that he said restored his disappearing hair line. He was so please with the results that he opened a business using the system, developed by Innovative Hair Lost Solutions of Australia.

In 2002, Gaunitz became the sole American distributor of the system, which uses Crown Lasers to treat hair loss. The devices resemble helmet hair dryers used at salons.

Gaunitz said he knows that overcoming skepticism will be difficult. He said that about 20 percent of his potential customers think it's too good to be true and leave before signing up for treatment.

But he said his company's success rate and its 100 percent money-back guarantee should persuade the follicly challenged to try the lasers. It takes time to build credibility with the public, he said.