Laser Hair Therapy and How to Use it Correctly for Hair Growth: Presented by William Gaunitz, WTS

Posted by William Gaunitz on Fri, Jul 29, 2016 @ 12:22 PM


William Gaunitz speaks in Chicago Illinois at the International Association of Trichology Conference 2016. William spoke about the use of low-level laser therapy for hair growth as well as best practices to ensure the highest quality of end result.

William also discusses overstimulation and risks of laser as well as use of product, detoxification, and minoxidil to improve the results of laser hair growth.

This 30 minute video is extremely educational and takes the reviewer through a history of low-level laser therapy devices in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about the level laser therapy for hair regrowth, you should watch this video and it's entirety.

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LaserCap Reviewed

Posted by William Gaunitz on Sat, Nov 17, 2012 @ 06:26 PM

I have seen the LaserCap on the open market now for about 18 months. I am always sceptical of new devices. I have been in the Laser Hair Therapy industry since 2002 and have seen so many devices come and go. If I haven't seen it work for someone first hand, usually I will write it off.

The LaserCap is unique though for one reason. It is the most powerful at home device available to date. After testing and being involved in many clinical studies for laser hair therapy, I know that more power is not necessarily a good thing. More power can lead to overstimulation and aggravation of scalp conditions including psoriasis and fungal infections. Yet, these devices are available and need to be used under the watchful eye of an experienced practitioner.

Why the LaserCap may be better for you than any other at home device:

The LaserCap has 224 pulsed direct light diodes. For about 40% of thelasercap kit people losing their hair, this may be the best at home laser available.

LaserCap users should have:

  • Fine hair
  • Light or natural blond Hair
  • Extremely Thin Hair

If you have thick, black, coarse hair. You should NOT use the LaserCap.

The reason for this is that too much laser can cause rapid shedding. People with thick coarse hair attract more light to the follicle. Think of the hair like a lightning rod. Each rod will attract light to the root of the follicle and delivery the energy. When the right amount of energy is delivered, the hair will grow more effectively. If too much energy is delivered, the hair may shed or slow its growth. This is the case in laser hair removal. High amounts of laser are delivered to the follicle and the hair sheds and grows back finer.

Now, people who have fine, thin, or light hair, attract less light to their hair follicles. This is due to the fact that light hair will reflect some light and fine hair is not as dense and needs more laser stimulation to grow.

For these people, the LaseCap is most likely the best chance at successful laser treatment from home. Below you will see an example of hair types that will benefit from the LaserCap.

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LaserCap Correct Use Chart

For the hair types mentioned above, I am now recommending the LaserCap for home use.

The LaserCap should be used as follows:

  • Weeks 0-4: 5 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 2: 6 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 3: 7 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 4: 8 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 5: 9 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 6: 10 mins 2 x per week
  • Month 7-12: you may increase if needed to 15 mins 2 x per week

If you have seen rapid regrowth by the end of month 6, do not increase the laser duration. Maintain the 10 minutes 2 x per week. This mean that you have responded well to lower intensity light and do not need to increase it. If you increase the laser duration after regrowing alot of hair, you risk overstimulation. For more personalized instruction you can always call our main office at 480-222-4247 and ask our advice.

LaserCap Specs:

  • 224 pulsed diodes
  • 650nm wavelength
  • 5 milliwatt power per diode
  • Completely portable & easy to use
  • Hands-free device
  • Fits comfortably in almost any hat
  • Convenient & discreet
  • No weekly trips back to the doctor's office
  • Compatible with other hair loss therapies

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I found this independant blogger video on youtube.



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