Evolution Hair Centers comes to the Biltmore!

Posted by William Gaunitz on Tue, Mar 23, 2010 @ 08:42 PM

Evolution Hair Centers Comes to the Biltmore/Arcadia!

At the age of 17 the future lays before us like a brand new book waiting to be written. Milestones recently passed - turning 16, earning a drivers license, attending prom, playing sports at the junior varsity and varsity levels, applying for college admission and preparing for high school graduation. We believe that life can only get better. For many young adults, this is a time for embarking on a journey of self-discovery or even a fresh start. One young man made a discovery that would send him on a journey to his future life's work.

Will Gaunitz started to lose his hair at 17. The hair was coming out fast and he panicked. At first he tried Rogaine while in military school. Gaunitz believed that by following the directions, he could save the hair he had. He used the product faithfully for six months and it appeared the treatment was working. Another six months passed and no additional hair loss, but no new hair growth. He tapered off Rogaine and his hair remained the same for two years. Unfortunately, by the age of 21, the hair loss started again and this time it was back with a vengeance. The stress of a new job with the demands of increased hours did not help matters. Gaunitz again tried Rogaine, but after six months he lost even more hair. He visited a dermatologist who prescribed Propecia. The tag team approach of using Rogaine and Propecia produced yet more hair loss. At 22 Gaunitz was sincerely worried. He tried many of the prescription, over the counter, herbal and topical remedies. Nothing worked. He considered surgery, as in hair transplants. Sadly, at the age of 22 the doctor said he was a poor candidate due to his youth. Instead of freaking out and giving up, Gaunitz began researching low-level laser therapy on the Internet. He visited a clinic in Arizona for this new treatment. Finally, after a month, progress. At two months the hair loss had stopped. By three months new hair began to emerge. Six months later he had regrown almost 60% of the hair previously lost.

That's when Gaunitz experienced the quintessential light bulb moment. After researching hair loss for two years, he knew too much to return to the old remedies. He believed that with the right combination of products in conjunction with the laser, better results could be produced. He quit his job and began to create a new laser clinic concept. Gaunitz went to study the latest techniques in Europe and Australia.
Gaunitz pioneered a five-step program that ensures results. It is a whole body approach with synergistic elements that work together from the inside out. The program starts with the Evolution Laser. The Elite Regeneration Laser (or ER610) is a cold laser. Designed for scalp stimulation and healing, it penetrates the skin without heat or damage. Benefits include improved circulation, increased cell metabolism, anti-inflammatory effects and fast wound healing. The FDA has approved this low-level laser treatment.

Step two involves Hairstem PM and Pmb, topical treatments to be used in conjunction with the special shampoo. As part of the GHS or Gaunitz Hair Science product line, the GHS 360 products are to be used at home. The PM formula contains five percent minoxidil and vitamin A as well as aloe, licorice extract, caffeinated green tea extract, B5, B6, glycerin and alcohol. The Pmb formula contains five percent minoxidil, azelaic acid, aloe gel, licorice extract, B5, B6, caffeinated green tea extract, tea tree oil, glycerin and alcohol. These proprietary blends are holistic, all natural, chemical free products. GHS products are the result of clinical research.

Step three - Internal detox starts with a three-step supplement program. GHS DHT Command assists in keeping the scalp free of toxins that interfere with hair growth. This is the more natural alternative to Propecia. GHS Essential Fatty Acids EFA sounds complicated, but really are not. Essential fatty acids are a collective association of fatty acids that are required by the human body for health. These happen to be omega 6 and omega 9. This product means to reduce tissue inflammation and increase cellular regeneration. GHS Ana Growth vitamin balances the body and keeps the hair healthy and shiny. It is a rotation of over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceuticals. These elements work synergistically to promote rapid cell regeneration, resistance to toxins, improve digestion, and protect hair follicles from future damage.

Step four - the anti-microbial hair system is an integral part of hair regrowth. GHS Hairstem Anti-Bacterial Treatment shampoo helps play a role in inhibiting inflammation, infection and conditions that impede the hair restoration process.

Step five - internal detoxification, a vital stage in the process of hair regrowth. GHS Detox Tea is a natural cleansing tea that flushes out toxins and promotes better well-being. Active ingredients include dandelion root, licorice, burdock root, cinnamon and citrus peel. Sonne #7 Bentonite Intestinal Detox is a product designed to carry out a seven-day cleanse or fast. Both help cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Evolution Hair Centers has 5 locations. As of April 1, it becomes the only nationally franchised hair growth center. Visit the clinic at 1490 South Price Road, Suite 211 in Chandler or 7450 East Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 258 in North Scottsdale. Facilities are also available in Woodland Hills, California and Southampton, New York. Evolution Hair Centers opens their newest office on March 1. It is located at 2999 North 44th Street, Suite 520 in central Phoenix. For more information or to book a scalp consultation, please call (602) 386-2737.

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