Womens Hair Loss Treatment That works.

More than 50% of Evolution Hair Center's clients are female. We understand how traumatic the issue of hair loss can be for women and have designed specific protocol for our female clients. The success rate of women participating in Evolution Elite Hair Regeneration Programs have matched and exceeded the success of our male clients.

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Is Female Hair Loss is Reversable for You?

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More than just genetically inherited pattern hair loss, women specifically are susceptible to sudden hair loss triggered by hormonal imbalance, thyroid conditions*, childbirth, new use or change in methods of contraception and certain medications. 

The Evolution Program has shown results with the following reasons for hair loss:

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Like men, women may also experience hair loss due to auto-immune disorders, recent physical and/or emotional trauma (such as surgery or a car accident), fungal infections of the scalp, and environmental factors (poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, toxins in the body).

Evolution's Hair Loss Treatment Plan is Backed by Results

Womens Hair Loss Treatment
Alicia Flores, graduated May, 2008
Chandler, AZ

"Path to perfection! From the staff to the personal service and products and most importantly, my overall RESULTS!  The results achieved were much more then Will Gaunitz said I would attain on my initial consultation." written quote from Alicia Flores

Evolution Addresses All Hair Loss Factors for Women

If you have tried other treatment plans or products before, Evolution's Mutli-Therapy Clinical approach can succeed where others have failed.

Evolution Elite Hair Regeneration Programs provide non-invasive holistic detoxification, nutraceutical supplementation, organic hair care products, and our proprietary topical blends in conjunction with our low level laser therapy. These elements combined work synergistically to heal your scalp, detoxify your body, stop hair loss and accelerate new, healthy hair growth. Evolution simply gives you the tools to regrow your own hair, naturally.

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The Evolution plan gets real results because it helps in all areas the cause hair loss. It:

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