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"Evolution Hair Centers have the most comprehensive non-surgical laser hair therapy program currently available for treating hair loss in both men and women."
-Dr. Gene Carsia, D.O.

"Evolution Hair Centers gets results where other services fail. Call them for a free consultation. It really works."
-Dr. Lewis Heller, M.D.


The Evolution Laser Hair Therapy Programs lead natural hair regrowth treatments due to Our unique and whole body approach to rejuvenating your hair. Our program simply gives you the best Low Level Laser Therapy for cosmetic use and the complete set of tools to heal your scalp and grow your hair back naturally*. Through proven science and continuously advancing technology, Evolution's synergistic elements exceed other laser hair therapy programs and maximize success.
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Hair Loss Treatment Results Laser Hair Therapy
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The Evolution Process -
5 Treatment Steps that Ensure RESULTS!

How do you make Laser Hair Therapy work Better? 

-Add Adjunct products

  • Hair Loss Shampoo

    Evolution Complete HairCare Products

    When selecting a Hair Regrowth HairCare System, you simply want finest the ingredients available to accomplish the end goal – more hair.  At Evolution Hair Centers, we provide that and much more. This is why Evolution has developed a line of holistic, natural, chemical-free hair products, which are vital to healthy hair regrowth.

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  • Hair Loss Program Detox Kit
    Internal Detoxification
    Another vital part of the 5-Step Process is the Internal Detoxification stage.  Detox Tea and Sonnie #7 Intestinal Detox are a complementary combination of detox products that assist in cleansing your liver and kidneys.  Both products work to flush stored toxins and free-radicals from the body to enhance organ function and cellular regeneration.
  • Hair Growth Minoxidil Products
    Topical Formulas

    Evolution custom topical formulas are a vital part of the Elite Regeneration Laser Hair Therapy program. These proprietary blends have been specifically designed and FDA clinically proven to inhibit future hair loss, increase cell regeneration, decrease bacteria and fungus, and significantly increase hair density and thickness. 

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  • Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Vitamin
    Complete Nutritional Supplementation

    Evolution nutritional therapy continues the detoxification process and delivers complete nutrition with our Evolution custom formulas; the Ana-Growth Nutrient, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), and DHT Probiotic. These elements work synergistically to promote rapid cell regeneration, resistance to toxins, improve digestion, and protect hair follicles from future damage.

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*Minoxidil is used in each program. The claim of "reversing hair loss" or "hair regrowth" refers to Minoxidil being FDA approved to do so.

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